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  • mf-5826-1 2 goddesses destroying mels face hd facesittinginbrazil

    Mf-5826-1 2 Goddesses Destroying Mels Face Hd Facesittinginbrazil
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    20th, Mar 19
    brazil mfx latin force femdom
    monaliza and chimeny are not to joke, they want to give an unforgettable punishment to mel and they will do that with a hard facesitting. the goddesses sits ans smother mel without mercy, washing her face with spit and cover of hard slaps. mel is in panic, she can-t get out under these cruel girls that decided to rub the sweaty pussies and assholes on mel-s face.

  • bbw black humiliation brazilbbw

    Bbw Black Humiliation Brazilbbw
    garden: BBW-garden
    8th, Mar 19
    bbw brazil facesitting latin mfx
    big goddess rubia and enormous domme monique are in their bedroom making out with their favorite slave tied on a chair just waiting to be teased and humiliated by them.mistress monique grabs her own big boobies and starts to rub them on davi---s face telling him to lick them all.domme rubia loves that idea and starts to slap his face and spit on his eyes making him look like a fool.the two bbw dommes humiliate him for several minutes spitting and slapping his face until he almost start crying like a little baby.very hot femdom bbw spitting and slapping face movie with two enormous dommes humiliating their little slave

  • nasty bbw spit humiliation hd brazilbbw

    Nasty Bbw Spit Humiliation Hd Brazilbbw
    garden: BBW-garden
    4th, Mar 19
    bbw smother mfx fat facesitting chubby
    bbw mistress valesca and goddess rubia are in bed chatting and having some fun when they decide to humiliate their slave even more spitting on her loser face. as the humiliation keep rising up the mighty goddesses valesca and rubia are not showing any regrets feelings and all of a sudden they start to spit all over fefe---s face and mouth. mistress rubia likes that idea and humiliate the poor girl letting her stucked underneath valesca---s ass with no chances to escape just beeing abused. then hot bbw dommes valesca and rubia spit on fefe---s face making her almost throw up from such disgusting punishment. while fefe is being humiliated the two angry dommes forces the little slave to swallow all the disgusting spit that were thrown inside her mouth as well. fefe is forced to lick her domme---s assholes until they let her go. unbelievable film of spitting and forced lesbian fetish scenes starred by two hot bbw brazilian babes

  • spit gang swallow mfvideobrazil

    Spit Gang Swallow Mfvideobrazil
    garden: SPIT-garden
    21st, Jan 19
    drool spit
    - a lots of brazilian girls are spitting into a bowl and start to playing with it. they drink it with a straw, start smothering, drink directly from the bowl then smudge it on their face. then one of them lay on the floor and they force-feed her with a cone and spit on her face and also do some foot domination and facesitting.

  • butt jump double cruel by top girls mel ronick bruna loren and tammy hd mfvideobrazil

    Butt Jump Double Cruel By Top Girls Mel Ronick Bruna Loren And Tammy Hd Mfvideobrazil
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    5th, Jan 19
    mfx latin force femdom facesit face sitting domination
    - two dominatrix tortures a slave by butt jump. they jumping on the slaves body with all their weight, and smothers her with a pillow. the girls jumps higher and higher and arrives on the slaves body with heavy asses, the slave gets totally destroyed. the dominas also humiliating her a lots of spit, strangling and smothering, but the hardest thing in this movie to knock out this poor girl with a lots of butt jump.

  • rapha vegass spit face fuck brazilfemdom

    Rapha Vegass Spit Face Fuck Brazilfemdom
    garden: SPIT-garden
    18th, Oct 18
    brazil facesitting femdom latin mfx slave spit
    big butted rapha vegas shows in this hot and nasty facesitting movie with a lot of spit why she is been called of the nasty domme. her poor slave yago is totally defenseless while she seats her big butt above her face and almost the bastard with her heavy weight. the guy remains quiet while his mistress keep screaming at him and spitting on his face without mercy. the hot angry domme bounces her big butt up and down yago head and the poor bastard gets his nose almost inside rapha vegas--s ass and pussy that keeps smothering the guy with her big butt until the end. great facesitting movie with many scenes of: femdom, spitting, big butts, smother and face fucking

  • mf-7128-1-1 wet kisses with a friend hd kissinbrazil

    Mf-7128-1-1 Wet Kisses With A Friend Hd Kissinbrazil
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    17th, Sep 18
    mouth fetish saliva,pov spit slime spit spit kiss f f brazil
    mary had a super pleasurable day, spending a delicious afternoon with her friend jessica. mary and jessica kissed their selves in a wet way, touching their lips and tongue for an exciting kissing session.

  • nasty facesitting with spit hd brazilsmother

    Nasty Facesitting With Spit Hd Brazilsmother
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    8th, Sep 18
    brazil facesitting femdom latin mfx slave
    new mistress fernanda wants to show how nasty she really is while uses her favorite slave as a seat. goddess fernanda is one of the hottest dommes from brazil and her smother punishments are famous. mistress fernanda sits down on top of claudia---s head removing her clothes and starts to scrub her pussy and her asshole in claudia---s mouth suffocating her and leaving the poor girl pay for her miseducation acts. claudia is forced to lick and to smell her domme---s sweated asshole while her face is smashed against the mattress. she even spits many times on claudia---s face humiliating some more the defenseless girl. another super hot lesbian smother brazilian movie starring the beautiful and mighty goddess fernanda

  • mf-7102-1-1 lola mellos facesitting attack hd

    Mf-7102-1-1 Lola Mellos Facesitting Attack Hd
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    3rd, Sep 18
    brazil facesitting f/f latin smother
    lola mello attacks again, when she starts nobody can stop her lola decided to give a change for her slave fight against her, but lola knows that the slave has no change, she was easily dominated in a hard scissor over her neck. the slave can not get out and that makes lola be upset. the goddess decided to keep going, she sits and start stifling the slave with her ass, first wearing legging and after without clothes. lola shoots spits and slaps over the slave--39-s face, making to keep with the head in position so, lola start ridding the slave--39-s face now with her sweaty pussy, washing the face with orgasm.

  • lm-391-1 facespitting

    Lm-391-1 Facespitting
    garden: SPIT-garden
    7th, Jan 18
    brazil latin mfx slime spit
    in this video you will see our cats doing fetish spit be more exciting still, because along with spits them make a delicious facesitting.

  • newmfx - spit gang 5 girls

    Newmfx - Spit Gang 5 Girls
    garden: SPIT-garden
    6th, Jan 18
    ass lesbian facesitting slave pussy domination bigass
    category: spit--code: bw-190-1--download formats: mp4 (h.264) ---production year: 2004--cast: karina, mary castro, ravana, talita--clip length: 32 minutes-----poor mary castro, she was captured by 5 cruel girls, they have a lot of spit and don--t have mercy of mary. mary received a cruel, humilate and wet, very wet punishment, she was forced to swallow the spit of these 5 girls. dont miss ----passnewmfx

  • my first smother session brazilbbw

    My First Smother Session Brazilbbw
    garden: BBW-garden
    23rd, Aug 17
    bbw brazil facesitting latin mfx
    gigantic bbw goddess fabi is starring our movies with a nasty smother action we will never forget.bbw goddess fabi catches her slave and throws her on the bed humiliating and forcing little slave marcia to smell and lick her belly and boobs while she strangles the skinny girl for several minutes.marcia fights a lot to escape but can---t do it because the bbw goddess is super strong and doesn---t let her run away from this punishment.hot bbw domme fabi scrubs her hands all over marcia---s nose leaving the poor slave totally breathless while a chubby hands and tit smother girlgirl scene takes place.the mighty mistress even spits over marcia---s face to improve the humiliation and makes her feel like garbage.another super sexy bbw brazilian hand, tit and belly smother movie

  • nicolli fucks melissa face with spit bffvideo

    Nicolli Fucks Melissa Face With Spit Bffvideo
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    17th, Jun 17
    ass smelling smother slave mfx femdom facesitting domina
    poor slave melissa is in serious trouble because the hot domme nicolli wants to unleash her angry on her face. the mighty mistress starts making little slave melissa to stay quiet while she sits on the skinny girl face. melissa is totally breathless from the heavy pressure she is receiving. hot scenes of: ass smelling, big butts and lesbian

  • cmx-fv-557 tag team facesitting fart queens facesitting smothering femdom

    Cmx-fv-557 Tag Team Facesitting Fart Queens Facesitting Smothering Femdom
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    11th, Jun 17
    amateur mixed wrestling money smother spitting submission trample
    this is a fart lovers delight clip. mia brought one of her friends, 18yr old feebee, an extremely sexy, cute and feisty girl. she wanted to learn the ropes here, and both girls were out partying the night before. chad just faced one big problem, they both felt sick to their stomachs, both girls ate before they came, and mia and feebee had a lot of gas. before chad knew it, he was thrown to the mats by mia, she worked up a few good farts, as feebee watched on. mia planted her ass right onto chad-s face, and began letting the farts rip. feebee laughed as she looked on, then mia asked if she wanted a turn, feebee was more than happy to try. feebee-s farts were nasty, and she even humiliated chad by talking trash to him. mia and feebee took turns rubbing these god aweful smelling farts in his face and mouth. they were both pinning him, even sumo squatting over his face, switching from one girl to the other, and chad was gagging and choking, the smell was horrible. chad had put up such a struggle, and with all the forced farting, he literally from the smell. this is the first ever k .o . fart video we have ever done. we see feebee coming back to join our team of humiliating girls here. and who wouldn-t want to see her, stunning. or mia then. straight facesit, ko-s mia stood no chance of surviving this match. mariella even was disappointed that mia was no challenge for her. she put mia out with a full weight facesit, stood up and literally complained and walked away.

  • priscila aggressive spit facesitting bffvideo

    Priscila Aggressive Spit Facesitting Bffvideo
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    28th, May 17
    brazil domina femdom latin mfx slave
    evil priscila does not care about her slave and keeps smashing michael face a lot. he has spits and slaps on his bastard face while his domme is powerful on top. great scenes of: ass smelling, big butts, spitting and femdom

  • spit facesitting hd brazilsmother

    Spit Facesitting Hd Brazilsmother
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    24th, Apr 17
    brazil facesitting femdom latin mfx slave smother
    migthy goddess michele is always in our movies making her slaves suffer a lot and screams for mercy. this time her target is fefe that has her face smashed hard on the mattress and can---t breath at all for several minutes. goddess michele is seating on fefe---s face making the poor girl almost from the lack of air. in this super sexy movie we can watch mistress michele applying some have punishment over her defenseless slave including a lot of ass licking mixed with a lot of smothering. the super heavy weight michele is angrier than ever and in many scenes we can whitness her putting her whole bodyweight over fefe---s face. she even spit on fefe---s face humiliating the skinny girl some more. great lesbian smother movie starring mistress michele and slave fefe

  • facesitting - enema x-tra dirty marathon movie with facesitting - enema - spitting - snot - by brutal karina cruel full version hd sg-video

    Facesitting - Enema X-tra Dirty Marathon Movie With Facesitting - Enema - Spitting - Snot - By Brutal Karina Cruel Full Version Hd Sg-video
    garden: SCAT-garden
    14th, Nov 16
    enema hot liquid poop scat shit
    facesitting - enema diarrhea x-tra dirty by brutal karina cruel ----facesitting marathon and x-tra dirty diarrhea enema direct into mouth and swallow makes this new movie perfect the real dirtiest and strongest enema we-ve ever make real hard facesitting marathon - real strong and real fear the slave has to take all enema direct into mouth and swallow also included in this movie: facesitting - spitting - snot - smother - dirtiest enema ....

  • mf-5459-1 under angels giant ass hd facesittinginbrazil

    Mf-5459-1 Under Angels Giant Ass Hd Facesittinginbrazil
    garden: MFX-garden
    19th, Aug 16
    brazil facesitting femdom force latin
    it-s time to have some fun... and angel decided to do that applying a severe punishment for mel. the favorite part of her body is the butt, rounded and very big, angel loves to spend time using the giant butt for facesitting, controlling the air of her slaves. angel starts with a great smother, sitting on mel-s face for several minutes until she be weak and can not fight more... after angel fucks mel-s face, enjoying herself humiliating the little girl scrubbing the sweaty pussy very hard on her face. to improve this punishment, angel spit on mel-s face and slaps very hard the slave-s face.

  • gas mummification 60 farts in his face part 22 under goddess amirha

    Gas Mummification 60 Farts In His Face Part 22 Under Goddess Amirha
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    25th, Jul 16
    ass sniffing butthole face sitting fart smother toilet humiliation toilet slavery
    me and my subby boyfriend were playing some friday night call of duty, and he kept beating me:( on top of complaining how bad my gas was that night.. so i made him a bet.. if i get a higher kd ratio the next game.. then i get to do whatever i want to him he agreed, so i actually put a little more effort into it and cheated a little slapping the controller from his hand.. and guess who won-) .. so to fulfill my prize.. i put on my new lingerie and victorias secret lacey panties i made him buy me earlier and wrap him completely head to toe in saran wrap.. he thought he was just in for some facesitting but i had something much worse in mind.. a full night of my gas in his mouth and lungs i start out by fitting him with a nice o-ring gag to make sure his mouth stays open as i force fart after fart into his helpless little face about 3 minutes in.. i realized i had to sht haha hes really in for it now, i go to the toilet and make sure to let him know when i returned that i didn-t wipe i puff fart after fart through my little panties into his mouth, and accidentally send a little surprise with them-) watch as he spits it out.. (this happened numerous times) sorry not sorry. i remove my slaves gag and pull my panties to the side for some open mouth sealed farts for him to swallow, later taking them off so my pussy can make a better seal on his lips-) my gas is powerful tonight and you can even see his nostrils expand on one of them. fart after fart after fart, i smother him between each one so he gasps it all in, locking his head in place with my feet so he cannot get away when he struggles.. my slave was wrapped, gassed, and helpless from 11-6am... you can even hear the birds start to chirp to wrap it up i tease him a little by putting the gag back in and releasing his cock from his tight plastic cocoon and ride him for a little, spitting in his open mouth just to remind him who owns him,.. he thought he was going to get off haha only for me to get back up, having him lick me before i decide to seal the deal (or his nose) with a few more nude farts directly into his nostrils. you dont get to cum.. you only get my gas bitch----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------positively the best one yet. includes at least 60- farts into his nose and mouth combined with a few extra gifts-) clip includes: some dirty talk, forwardreverse facesittingfarting, tease-denial, toilet play, farting in panties, mummification, oral servitude, and smothering. making sure to show my face from time to time-) this is definitely a must have. -- (((experiencing difficulties with the gif.. it-s displaying an old one from another clip currently.

  • brazilfetishfilms - fefes first spit humiliation hd

    Brazilfetishfilms - Fefes First Spit Humiliation Hd
    garden: SPIT-garden
    24th, Jul 16
    ass licking facesitting femdom lesbianspit mfx

  • mf-6083-1 facesitting fantastic lola out of control horror time series hd facesittinginbrazil

    Mf-6083-1 Facesitting Fantastic Lola Out Of Control Horror Time Series Hd Facesittinginbrazil
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    2nd, Jul 16
    brazil facesitting femdom force latin mfx slave
    this time, lola gets hard. without doubts one of her best performance on facesitting. she uses all her force to dominate bruna and keep without breathe for several long minutes. stuffed with all that she loves, slaps, hair pulling, spits, face fuck and much domination. you can-t miss the lola-s show in this super hard movie.

this overview contains of files found only on FACESITTING-garden. try your search on [Filthygrid] for more results.

this overview contains of files found only on FACESITTING-garden. try your search on [Filthygrid] for more results.